TernJS plugin development


Has anyone looked into creating a TernJS plugin? It is shocking to me that it was not baked in as a stock package… regardless, anyone have interest in lending a hand to make this happen? Has anyone already started?



Secondarily, whats the Coffeescript support like with TernJS? I know there isn’t anything for Sublime, and considering the editor is developed in Coffee, maybe that’s why they didn’t care enough.

Is it really that useful, by the way?



I’m interesting in helping. Frankly, this should be fairly straightforward, given that:

  1. Tern is Node.js based, as is Atom
  2. There are appears to be an interface for autocomplete that can be used.

Before commencing, I think it’s probably best to open an issue on Marijn’s main project page.

Until Tern shows up, I won’t be switching, so I really want to make this happen :smile:



@nfour Yes, it really is that useful. It’s an absolutely spectacular project that really needs a lot more visibility. It has solid support for the full browser DOM api, Node.js, ES5, RequireJS, AngularJS, and Underscore. It’s the closest thing to quality intellisense that I’ve seen for such a dynamic language.

As for CoffeeScript support, one project that I know of has taken a stab at it, but it doesn’t appear ready for primetime.



There is also some talk here about it… looks a little further along -> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/tern-dev/zmgL42NA1lI



@bfricka I started work last night on the plugin, stubbed out some stuff based on brackets implementation.

Also, I contacted Marijn directly… he is not interested in bringing support until there is a linux version of Atom as that is his dev platform. He does not own a mac (new enough to support Atom)

Here is the repo with the code: https://github.com/mattapperson/atom-ternjs

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Okay then. I spent the night reinstalling OSX and I’m a bit drunk. But I <3 Tern so I’ll help get this off the ground as soon as I’m able.

Thanks Matt.

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Less intrusive and more efficient autocomplete

This will be important for obvious reasons… some undocumented APIs:


Autocomplete+ (autocomplete without hotkey)

I was unaware of the power of tern before this post. full browser DOM api? you say? I need this! take a look at the autocomplete+ extensions, thats the best interface and behavior I have seen for autocomplete thus far. I will most likely be abstracting it and using it for my own projects. Let me know if you would be interested in this as well and I will keep you in the loop.

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Just saw that… its fantastic!



use Autocomplete+ (autocomplete without hotkey) as your autocomplete.



Does anyone know if theres any project currently active regarding this.
I know one plugin for integration of Atom with Tern but it seems to be stagnated at a very early stage.



Active 2015-01 though -02 AOTW.