Termination Run on Startup

I want termination to automatically open up and run $ npm start on startup. From this thread Todo-Show Package: Auto-run On Startup?, I figured out that I needed to add ```
atom.commands.dispatch(document.querySelector(‘atom-workspace’), ‘SOME_ATOM_COMMAND’)

SOME_ATOM_COMMAND should be ‘termination:new’. I get that from typing “termination” into the command palette (shift-ctrl-p) and seeing the different commands for the package.

The only issue is that you don’t want to target the ‘atom-workspace’ for that command and I’m not sure what node would be targetted.

Command would look something like this

atom.commands.dispatch(document.querySelector(‘what-goes-here-???’), ‘termination:new’)

‘atom-workspace’ may be the correct node to target, but for whatever reason adding atom.commands.dispatch(document.querySelector('atom-workspace'), 'termination:new') to init.coffee does not work for me.