Terminal support for Process Palette

Hello everyone

I don’t typically submit a post when deploying an update to a package, but I’ve just deployed an update to process-palette with a new feature that can easily be missed if one is not aware of it and I would like to share that with you.

In short. Process Palette now supports an embedded terminal.

For those who are not familiar with Process Palette : It is a package that enables one to run parameterized shell scripts in Atom.

You can use the new terminal in one of two ways:

1.) Choose it as an output target for a command

The command will be executed in the terminal and you will now be able to enter input if the command requires it.

2.) Add a terminal without configuring a command for ad-hoc use

Click the ‘Add Terminal’ button to add as many terminals as you need. Clicking the gear icon will allow you to customize the tab title, working directory and environment variables.

I know that there are already many other dedicated terminal packages available. The primary reason I added this is because people have tried to use Process Palette to run commands that require user input only to discover that it is not supported. Now you can :slight_smile:

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