Terminal Shell

I’ve just downloaded Atom and I’m trying to get my head around it.
I installed several terminal plugins and none of them seems to solve this (I’m on Mint, in case that’s helpful):
My shell setup always shows up as sh-5.1$, and simple commands are not available (sudo, apt, etc). echo $SHELL and it gives me /bin/sh. Easy fix, right? Go to terminal settings, change shell override to /bin/bash, and go back to the terminal. Now my shell setup is the same as my normal terminal. Fixed! Run something simple like sudo or apt and… command not found. echo $SHELL and it still gives me /bin/sh.
What should I do?

I am in Ubuntu 20.04.
Run apm list in your normal terminal
and advise if you have termination package installed.
If so run termination.

Tried it. Apparently the command apm was not found.

What does command which atom show and do you have Atom installed in $HOME/.atom ?

which atom shows nothing and /.atom doesn’t exist.

How did you install Atom … not as *.deb ??

I used the software manager that comes with Mint, so through the GUI.
My friend who’s having a similar problem installed it through flatpak, he’s on Alpine Linux.

I would download Atom deb and install using Gdebi. Not by flatpak.

Do you mean dpkg for him? Gbedi doesn’t show up on the Alpine package manager. I’ll try with Gdebi and tell you if it made any difference, unless there is another fix.

Actually, nevermind. He can’t use dpkg. Alpine requires a musl based system, it uses busybox.

Helps to spell the name correctly … gdebi

but it seems that Alpine does not support deb … question is what do you use?

Nevermind, I’ma get help somewhere else where I can make a damn typo.

Not the way to close a discussion. Others might want to learn from the solution.

Guess you’re right. Still think that was totally unnecessary though.
Whatever, let’s toss that away.
I use the LMGPMF, I just find it practical.

Just checked and it is a flatpak frontend. So yeah, I use flatpak.

flatpak search

and in particular for Mint.