Terminal in Atom


I am aware that there are a lot of terminal packages for Atom.

I would like opinions on how I would have a terminal open in Atom, so I can quickly move between editign a file and an open terminal. My environment is Linux.

However I also use the excellent MobaXterm on Windows and I wish I did no thave to keep moving between Moba for terminal and Atom for editor.


Please elaborate a bit more about the question. I don’t know how to answer that.


Thanks for the reply. I believe I have asked the same question here in the past.

I am asking for a recommendation for a terminal package which is integrated with Atom.
It may be that in the latest versions of Atom this is built in.
My aim is to be able to develop code then run it from the command line without having to switch to another application.


I use termination for my terminal, but I don’t use it that much. Mostly, I already know the command I want to run and use process-palette to execute them (I have ctrl-q connected to a process-palette command that runs the line the cursor is on, so when I want to npm install into my current project, I just type it into my file and use that). When I’m doing a lot of command-line stuff I use cmder (which is a redistribution of a terminal emulator plus a few other things), because it has more features than the built-in packages.

It is not.


Why? I guess it would be great to receive native ability to run terminal into our favorite editor. VSCode has this ability why Atom can’t? Both based on Electron.


You’d have to ask one of the developers. There’s no reason why Atom can’t. It certainly can. It just doesn’t.


I like atom but I’m switching to vs code because the lack of this integration terminal. Also better autocompletion of JavaScript. But I still look sometimes to atom with hope they integrate a goo way to have a terminal in it. Maybe next release who knows.


I felt the need to point out that looking at SearchPackages:terminal I can see at least 5 if not 10 different packages integrating the terminal right into Atom. I don’t really see the added value of it being natively in Atom in this case. Packages is exactly what makes Atom so great.

I can’t recommend any of them specifically because I personally use atom-terminus which opens a terminal window in project root which works fine for me.


I used platformio-ide-terminal recent days, it is not bad.
I searched terminal packages in package page, it seems that many terminal packages are forked from this one, just added some small features or even no features.

But later, I found it very inconvenient for you to read the output of a terminal nested in atom, because the area is too small. And another thing that I can’t stand is all terminal packages don’t support clear buffer, which is very important for me when output is too much. So I make a PR to platformio-ide-terminal, but no response received until now.