Temporarily stops responding when not in focus


My experience with Atom so far has been great, however I’ve found a peculiar issue… Maybe it’s just with my setup but I’ve found that when switching from Atom to Chrome or any other apps, once I return to Atom, it temporarily freezes for about 10 seconds or so, and it happens every time without fail. My project is running on a VirtualBox VM with a Samba share, so I’m thinking maybe it’s some sort of disconnect there, but I can’t tell. Note that I’m running the latest releases of both VirtualBox and Atom. Any one else experiencing this? I’m finding this to make Atom almost unusable for me.

Slow performance on Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) in Virtualbox

What OS is running inside the VirtualBox VM?


Ubuntu 12.04 Server Edition


I’m also experiencing this and am not sure how to debug it. Anyone?

Basically, after changing focus away from atom to anything else (on the guest or host), there is a delay after changing focus back to atom (4-10 seconds) before the cursor is available. Happens every time.

OS X host / LUbuntu 16.04 guest.