Temporarily disabling image-view and a question on hex editors

The image-view package in atom is very useful, but sometimes I need to look at and edit the actual binary of the image. I don’t want to completely disable it every time. Is there a better way?

On the same note, is there a good hex editor (not just hex viewer) for atom?

Honestly, I don’t think Atom makes for a very good hex editor. It internally uses a UTF16 encoded buffer, and I don’t think it likes text that isn’t actually text. I’ve seen issues about how it will alter or introduce bytes.

You are able to make a buffer of your own if the native one is too limited or too heavily featured. You can display a text box as you would on a regular web site, and the contents of that text box won’t be bound by the same rules as a TextBuffer. You can have editable HTML elements as long as you remember to collect changes to the contents and provide a saving or serialization method. I suggest using etch if you do, and this has been done before, so you can draw on the past experiences of others to achieve the goal you want.

That’s if you want to get deep into it. :slight_smile:

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