Temp file not found running atom from console

On windows 8.1, when I am running atom from command line, I get a File not found error in the command line.

$ atom
File not found - 35630.00.TMP
35630.00.tmpCould Not Find C:\foo\bar\35630.00.tmp

The numbers are different every time, and I have tried this from a clean install by deleting my .atom folder and by reinstalling atom.

Regardless, the editor is still opening for me, but I’m curious as to why I am getting this error on this machine when my other machines are fine. Any thoughts?
EDIT: I just checked and this started happening on my other machine as well… I don’t remember updating anytihng?

Yeah, I’m having the same issue for a few weeks now. Haven’t had time to investigate locally, but there seems to be an issue about this: https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/11239