Tell Me Your Tips


After trying to learn coding off and on for a while now, I am looking to take it more seriously. As of thirty minutes ago I discovered atom, and whats even better is the growing community that comes with it. I think starting this week I will learn html because I have read that is what some people start out with. I will also be posting questions about how to use Atom in case I cant find a post about one of my questions in the forum. If you want to help me out I would be greatful


The problem is that Atom covers such a wide range of topics and capabilities I don’t think anyone would know where to start. Try googling atom editor and spend some time reading.


Atom being a tool, and a quite versatile one at that, it’s probably best to identify your objective first.
If you pick HTML as your first goal to tackle (and I agree that’s a great starting point), Atom comes with all the basics out of the box: syntax highlighting and some code snippets.

If you want to make it easy on you enhance your experience, there are a ton of packages out there for Atom, which are geared towards working on HTML/web projects.
But when starting out freshly as you do, try not to focus on enhancing the editor too much, keep it simple.
This is why beginner tutorials often start you with simple Notepad first so you don’t get distracted.

So start with basic Atom, write some HTML, save the file and load it in your favorite browser.


that was the plan