Teletype project deprecated?



Is the Teletype project still being developed?

Will it get out of beta?



It doesn’t seem like there’s much activity going on in their code repository so I’d say it’s probsbly at a point where it’s close to being stable.

You can continue to love and use it.



I want my team to start working with it as it sounds great.

But I really want to make sure it is not going to be phased out, before we make the move.

As you mentioned, there isn’t code activity for a long time (and this is why I contacted you). Many times it indicates that the project was abanded. How can we make sure it is not the story here and that it is going to be out of beta?




Well, the nice thing about the package is that the way Teletype works is peer-to-peer. So even if Atom doesn’t want to really support it anymore, it can continue to work. Hopefully I’m understanding the Teletype project enough. I haven’t worked on it.