Teletype not updating on linked computer

I am having problems with teletype.

  • Local network, PC(Windows 10) -> MAC (OSX Mojave)
  • Multiple files in a folder on dropbox
  • No external router, standard cable modem. Both computers connected to the modem via wifi.
  • Both computers can see each other is numerous ways.
  • PC Is the portal creator. Mac is linked. Mac shows the link icon.
  • 1 Error in console PC (insacse rendering issues matter)
  • Image Link: Console
  • Latest Version downloaded today from website.


  • Editing on either system results in no changes being “live” on the other machine.
  • Files do not update when either the PC or the MAC initiates the edit

I hope this report is as complete as possible. Please let me know if I have done anything wrong or if there is some other issue.