Teletype feedback


Hello! I would like to send some feedback regarding Teletype.

As a student, it works greatly to share my projects with peers and work together. The only issue me and a friend have been noting is that the person connecting to the portal cannot easily save new versions of the file. For instance, when we debug a program, the Teletype host can quickly Ctrl + S, while the connected person has to ‘Save As’, then choose the directory, etc. It would be great if both could save the file without having to go through the time of the ‘Save As’ window.

Thank you!



A more detailed answer: this is a public forum where community members hang out and brainstorm about how to solve problems. It is not a formal comment box, and a thread posted here is not guaranteed to make it to the people who have the knowledge or power to act to change a package. The best place to submit such direct feedback is directly through the GitHub repo for the package in question.