Team Update Nov 21


Periodically, we’d like to update the community on the big things we’re working on, and what’s coming up. We’d like to be super transparent about what’s happening on our side. Note: this stuff is not totally shipped yet! :slight_smile:

Windows Installer / Updater

The windows installer and updater has been a long time coming and it’s nearly ready for prime time. @kevinsawicki has been hard at work integrating squirrel for windows, and @thedaniel in serving them up from You can test the installer and updater today by visiting and following

API Freeze

The API freeze has been our major initiative for a couple months, and has required the majority of our time. We are getting really close. We have a few loose ends to tie up, a guide to write, and our packages to convert. Package conversion has started, and we’ve written a couple guides for upgrading your UI themes and upgrading your syntax themes.


We currently do not have a good story for handling user notifications. Hit an error? The dev tools pop up without any context. Is it in a package? Is it an issue with Atom? Who knows. The new error reporting should help reduce confusion for people that hit an error, and improve the reports we do get for them.

You can follow for updates. Props to @simurai for the awesome styling and gif.


Adjustable Themes

@simurai has been working on some new themes for Atom. One of the most awesome aspects of the themes is they are adjustable. All color values, even syntax colors are based on hue, saturation, and contrast values. Here is a demo of the adjustment (colors are gnarly for demo purposes):

These values will be adjustable from the themes tab in the settings view. Their UI will look something like this:

@kevinsawicki has an open PR you can follow at

Until Next Time

We hope to be more transparent in our development, especially as we transition from API related things to many of the heavily requested features for 1.0. We have the roadmap, but it might be difficult to piece together what’s coming up.

Requiring $ from atom is no longer supported