Taskbar showing on focus when alwaysOnTop (BrowserWindow)


My application is an overlay (alwaysOnTop) for a full screen game and when the user clicks on my overlay it takes focus and shows the taskbar on top of their game as well. Taking focus is fine, but I can’t have the taskbar show.

It says in the BrowserWindow docs:

not a toolbox window which can not be focused on

Implying that it is possible to create a window which cannot be focused on.

Does anyone know how to create a toolbox window, or to simply avoid having the taskbar showing when clicking on the electron window?


with win.setKiosk(true) you can take over the whole screen without taskbar.
I don’t know if that’s what you want though.


Kiosk mode removes transparency and browser windows can’t be clicked through so it doesn’t quite fit my use case, thank you though!