Task / To Do Manager and Code Reminders


Hi everyone,

I have not seen this feature before on a code editor but forgive me if I have over looked it.

We all know the best way to track the things we have done, but what about the things we haven’t ?

I am really looking to try and create an in app TO DO’s manager with something of a traffic light system for the importance of the TO DO.

My thought is to create a file e.g. my-site.todos where particular comment flags would create low med and high priority tasks thus structuring your workflow and keeping track of idea as well as notes.

This means I can keep my TO DO list for each project in a more helpful file than a .txt

This idea could most certainly be expanded upon and it is just a thought I had because I like things kept in one place not reminders on outlook road maps on trello and the work on atom.

If atom if the middle man between the project outlines in your todos file and the git file holding all the hard work we put in then I wont need much more than a github account to structure my workflow.

If this is a load of old tosh then I do apologize but I thought if others may be interested in the idea then it may get somewhere.