Targeting special element


Hi there,

is there any way of targeting a especial element to theme it?

For example :

.class {

I want to give a different color only to the float property, is it possible?

Thank you very much!
Atom is super cool! Thanks Git.


You should be able to style elements using the ~/.atom/styles.less file does this not work for you?


Thanks for the reply @ProbablyCorey

I probably explained bad, inside that file you have a lot of targets. But I want exactly to target the float element, I want to give it a different color, is it possible?



Ahh, there may be someway to do that using CSS tricks, like using contains. But I’m not a CSS expert. You would need to use the dev inspector to look at the elements classes and hierarchy.


@ProbablyCorey Ey man, thanks i will try the contain thing.
Is it possible to use dev inspector on Atom?

Thanks man


Yes, View > Developer > Developer Tools or ⌘⌥I.


Thanks @leedohm!
That will probably help me!