Tags search (ctrl+shift+r) says "Project has no tags file or it is empty"


I’m only slightly familiar with ctags so I searched the Atom forums here and the documentation but there was no mention of how to enable this tags file. It would be great if this were part of the documentation, or even better, if atom would build this tags file the first time a user tried to search for a tag, something like what Sublime Text 3 does for its symbol/tags search.



I’m not familiar with a ctrl-shift-r keybinding, and the settings for the core package symbols-view aren’t showing it. You may have a package installed that is giving you this feature.

The most likely fix seems to be symbol-gen.


Hmm. I just installed the Atom rpm here on F26 and started using it. The ‘symbols-view’ documentation lists ctrl-shift-r as one of its hotkeys, btw.

Installing the ‘symbol-gen’ package and hitting alt-ctrl-g appears to have fixed symbols for me, they come right up now in the symbols-view window that pops up with ctrl-shift-r.

Thanks for the help!


Well, now that I look at the readme, it’s right there. I was looking at the settings for the package, which just show ctrl-r:

But it’s definitely in the keymap for Windows, so maybe there’s actually a bug with the Keybindings display in package views.