Tagged package releases


From what I can tell, apm supports tagged releases. For example, apm install my-package would install the latest version, while apm install my-package@next would install the release tagged as “next”. I’m playing around with the package API, but haven’t come across any examples for tagged release.

Does anybody can point me to packages that are available as tagged releases?


Every release is tagged with a version number. You can make non-semver tags yourself with git tag. These should be ignored by APM unless specifically requested.


That’s not what I’m after. Take this example entry from the package API:

"releases": {
  "latest": "2.1.24"
/* … */
"versions": {
    "2.0.12": { /* … */ },
    "2.0.13": { /* … */ },
    /* … */
    "2.1.24": { /* … */ }

I wonder what happens when a package gets tagged next (or beta or anything else that’s not SemVer). Does it get listed in “releases” or among the “versions” available. This is quite common for npm packages.

Tags can be used to provide an alias instead of version numbers.

For example, a project might choose to have multiple streams of development and use a different tag for each stream, e.g., stable , beta , dev , canary .

By default, the latest tag is used by npm to identify the current version of a package, and npm install <pkg> (without any @<version> or @<tag> specifier) installs the latest tag. Typically, projects only use the latest tag for stable release versions, and use other tags for unstable versions such as prereleases.

The next tag is used by some projects to identify the upcoming version.

By default, other than latest , no tag has any special significance to npm itself.

Source: npm Documentation

So the question is, whether apm (as a fork of npm) does follow this.

I was hoping that someone could report any packages that use such a tag. Otherwise I might just test this with one of my own packages and report back.


That I don’t know.


I haven’t managed to release a package as tagged release.

apm publish --tag beta
Publishing my-package@beta ✗
Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

It does not matter whether I created a Git tag or not, the error is the same.

For normal Node packages, I’m using np to publish, so I can’t relate to how it’s supposed to work with npm publish. Also, apm has no equivalent to npm dist-tag (see documentation).