Tabs' size is unnecessarily large


Hello, recently I’ve tried Atom editor and the first thing I noticed is UI tab size. Why they are so big? I mean vertical space that they take.

The second moment which I don’t think that’s good is default length of horizontal tab size. Is it possible to reduce them?

I know that Atom’s tabs look like Sublime ones and that’s make it familiar to many users, but vertical size should be reduced anyway, because we should carefully save vertical and horizontal space as much as possible. Does anybody agree with me?

I marked red lines the places where taking horizontal space is useless and can be improved without consequences)


Use a different UI theme.


One of the major benefits of Atom is that it is very customizable. You can simply use another theme as @dsandstrom has suggested … or you can even customize your environment without changing the theme using CSS. For example, before:

And after this is added to styles.less:

.tab-bar {
  height: 32px;

  .tab {
    max-width: 100px;

Now this is just a simplistic example, but there are lots of possibilities when you start delving into modifying your environment this way. @olmokramer recently released the autohide-tree-view package that hides and shows the Tree View, further increasing available horizontal space. Perhaps something similar could be done for the Tab Bar? (Actually, there is the zen package that hides everything but the editor view.)


I understand you, thanks. Unfortunately, but I prefer good defaults instead an infinite number of “tricks”. Nonetheless thank you again for response.


You can also use the One-Dark-UI or Isotope-UI themes. Both are more efficient in the use of screen real-estate than the old Atom-Dark theme.


Hey! It’s much better! Thank you!)