Tabs and temp buffers erased by other instances of atom

Hi there. I recently noticed that opening another installation of atom flushed the data related to opened tabs and temporary text buffers.
I’m using the regular atom for random projects, and in parallel renpy’s version of atom (based upon an old version of atom) for renpy projects.

Until about 2 months ago (I didn’t open renpy’s atom between then and some hours ago), having one atom opened prevented the second atom to access the database, but it didn’t erase it, and when you closed both then reopened only the second, the tabs and temp text buffers reappeared.
I’m not 100% sure since I used the installations for different projects, but I believe it was the same database, and opening a folder with an atom made appear the temp buffers written with the other atom.

But now, I guess it has something to do with a recent (<2 months old) update, it seems opening one atom erases the database and starts it over.

Are you aware of the issue ? Where are these data saved ? Is there any way to retrieve my temp buffers ? I’m on windows btw