Tabletop Simulator and Lua


I am still not see not seeing a solution to this problem and it’s been two years since this was posted. Has anyone figured out a command for Text Alignment to the Left. Having an editable text box where it centers the text isn’t as useful to
me. I need to make sure it doesn’t go off the left edge of the document and I am finding little to no help online regarding Lua commands.

Different left-and-right margins per line

Please elaborate a bit more about your use case. What document are you working in and how does Lua factor into it?


I use Tabletop Similator. Since they don’t support editable pdfs or any simple solution to adding text fields to documents the only supported solution is scripting via Lua. Others have figured out how to integrate counters with + and - buttons. I took some of those scripts and applied them to my own custom documents. The text field script creates a button. The button summons a token. You edit the tokens description and hit the button again. The token disappears and its description is pasted under the button. A long process but the only workaround that works. The current issue is that it centers the text. Not just horizontally but vertically. This makes making inventory lists on character sheets messy and cumbersome.


I’m not sure I understand what the question is or how it applies to Atom. If your question is about Lua and Tabletop Simulator, you should seek out the community of users and ask them. They would be in a better position to help you.