Tables with reisizable column


I am trying to implement a excel like table with columns that can be resized like colresizable( Can someone provide some assistance?


I think you might have to provide some more information for people to be able to help you.
Have you already made some progress or are you about to start and want some tips how to tackle the idea from scratch?

What exactly are you getting stuck with?


There’s a lot of prebuilt stuff that might not work in Atom, but this is a good article about flexbox


@batjko I am just starting with the table implementation. I have 6 columns and i want to be able to click on the edge or end of column to able to drag and resize the width of the column.

@DavidLGoldberg Creating the layout is not a problem but the question is how to create dragging capablity.


@NikhilKalige you will certainly need to use JavaScript to accomplish this.

If you like colresizable, good start would be to read it’s source code.


@muchweb That is one of the option. Do you know of any packages that have similar ability

Also is there any alternative than creating a absolute positioned div at the column edge to handle dragging of columns.


There is resize-panes Atom package.


The package has no mouse event :frowning:
Looks like using additionals div at the border seems to be only solution


tree-view has an additional div at the border for that purpose.