Table mode or Table Editor


I could not find a package which supports the creation of tables in Markdown. Is anybody working on this or did I simply miss the obvious?

Let's talk MS Office files (Word, Excel, etc...)
Let's talk MS Office files (Word, Excel, etc...)

Keep in mind that Atom is still relatively new, and that some obvious packages haven’t been developed yet. Either create or port one yourself, or wait for one to appear.


Ok, no problem. I’ll wait. I just thought that I missed it somehow.


It depends on what you mean by “supports the creation of tables in Markdown”? There’s nothing stopping you from typing in whatever you want. If you’re looking for syntax highlighting support, perhaps you could fork the language-gfm package? Or if you’re looking for snippets, they’re pretty easy to make yourself.

So maybe some more details on what you’re looking for?


Something like or Emacs Org Table Mode.


Ok, that looks to be a major undertaking. Nobody has mentioned here that they’re working on something like that.


I could be wrong but isn’t something like this more of a Markdown interpreter kind of thing, separate from any Atom Markdown visualizer packages one might build?

What I mean is, doesn’t the interpretation depend on the viewer / interpreter, rather than the platform you write the text on?

I might be misunderstanding how this usually works.


@batjko The package @juh2 linked, as I read it, basically helps enter data into a Kramdown-style table much more easily than typing out the cryptic format yourself. So really, it is just a bunch of text-entry helpers … you could be entering the text into any text file. The visualizing and interpreting doesn’t enter into it.


One thing I’m sure is that someone, someday, will make an awesome tool that overlay a real table over your markdown table so that you can edit its content using spreadsheet-like features, but I wouldn’t bet on the when.


Actually, one of the projects I’m working on is using CSV a lot and I’m thinking of writing first a CSV viewer along the lines of the Image View or Archive View packages, where it is just a static view of the data in table format in an Atom pane. From there, I want to eventually enable editing right in the table view. I have no idea how I’ll pull it off … but it’s a cool idea.


I would absolutely love to see this plugin make its way to Atom. I’ve contacted the original plugin developer, and asked him if he would be willing to port it to atom, but I understand thats a very large undertaking.

If he declines, I’d be willing to work with others to port it over.

This is one of the very few obstacles I’ve encountered when moving from ST to Atom


I’m not as interested in a Markdown table editor (Markdown already has a syntax for tables). However, being able to use Atom to edit CSV files would be super keen.


The CSV display and editing functionality on Github looks fantastic. If this were something possible in Atom, that would be amazing:


My package view-tail-large-files uses plug-ins for formatting. It is on my todo list to support showing csv files in columns.