It used to be that we could change how new projects were opened. By adding to line 58 of the file /Applications/ (on MacOS), options variables:
tabbingIdentifier: ‘atom’,

new projects would open in a tab of the main window.Now in version 1.21.0 this file is gone!?

Would be good to have this as a setting.


In Atom 1.21 the change you made is included by default


That’s the theory indeed. But there is no such menu item. Working on a brand new MacOS with a fresh Atom install.


This seems to be an open issue Reading the discussion in the PR it seems that some users are affected by this issue and that we are currently unable to reproduce it. If you can figure out how to reproduce it then please let us know.

I am not a macOS user but it seems that there is a setting in macOS for this and a setting for the title bar in Atom that has to be enabled.

Note: Only available if Atom > Settings > Core > Title Bar is set to native.

You can control if Atom should open as a native tab or new window by going to macOS > System Preferences > Docks and change this: