Tab through quotes, parentheses etc


Xcode and probably others have this handy feature. When a closing quote, parenthesis or bracket is inserted automatically, you can press tab to jump past it (instead of typing the character in question). This is a small detail but makes editing smoother when you’re used to it.


I would love to have this functionality too. I use this all the time and editing without it just feels painful.


I want this feature too! I can’t believe after a year it is still not implemented.


See Tabbing out of brackets/paretheses/quotes


Just an update, I love non-navigation, been using it ever since you suggested it. Works perfectly. My only issue with it is that it tabs when I don’t want it to. See the attached photo:
When I press tab here, it moves the cursor right after the closing bracket, when in this case I want it to just tab, as usual. Is there a way I can change non-navigation so that it doesn’t tab in this scenario? (Basically, how do I tell non-navigation to actually count the whitespace?)


Thanks for the feedback. I never intended for the tab key to be used for the non-navigation binding. I use ctrlspace since that is what I used in Sublime Text and it is set in my muscle memory.

I think @leedohm states the reason why this is not the best idea eloquently:

In addition to snippets, I use the selector-to-tag package that adds another layer to the tab key. What I see that makes it complicated is that how would I know if your intention is to use non-navigation over expanding a snippet, autocomplete something, or add an HTML tag?

For the issue you bring up, I could disable non-navigation if there is blank space around the cursor. However, this might cause other problems and not the behavior that I would want. I would want the cursor to jump to the next line. Yet, I could make this an option so the current behavior is default. Please add an issue to the repo so that I can address the request in the future.