Tab switching and opening folders/files fairly slow


Switching tabs takes over a second, opening a folder takes over 5 seconds. It seems that much has been sped up by the react overhaul, but these basic things are still quite slow. This slowness is what you really start feeling throughout the day. Those seconds add up.

I know performance is very important to the Atom team, so this may just be a portion of the performance that hasn’t been addressed yet. But I didn’t see a thread specific to this issue for discussion/tracking so thought I would start one.


Very snappy on my machine; mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display, running OS X Yosemite (10.10).
I know some have reported poor performance on Windows. Are you running Windows by any chance?


Mid 2012 rMBP 2.3 i7 CPU, 16gb DDR3 ram, 10.9.4 Mavericks. Currently running on external monitors, will have to report back when just on the laptop itself how it does.


Interesting… never seen poor performance while switching tabs. Still slow if you start Atom in safe mode? Just do atom --safe.

Sorry about this, just trying to help narrow down possible culprits/contributing factors.


After hitting enter it took 6 seconds to come up in safe mode. Tab switching was a touch faster, maybe .75 seconds instead of the 1.3 I had recorded earlier.
Opened a second folder and it took 5 seconds.

Don’t apologize, happy to try whatever to help find the culprit. When I have a free moment I will try disabling all my packages to see if it improves. If so, I’ll add them back one by one and see if there is a certain culprit. That should be fun :smile:


Oh, looks like safe mode does turn off all packages already. Bummer. I guess next would be to uninstall and reinstall. Is there a way to easily get a list of all my packages to put them back?


Looks like I may have tracked it down to the minimap plugin. When I disable it, it may not be an instantaneous switch between tabs, but it is much faster. Will have coworker confirm tomorrow.


You can use the “stars” functionality to make this easy. To capture all of your currently installed packages as “favorites” you can use the apm star --installed command to add them all. Then to install all of your “favorite” packages you can use the apm stars --install command.


Have you confirmed it yet? I’m trying since sometime to improve the performance of the minimap and I somehow lack of data (I’m on a 2013 MBA at home and an iMac at work, and I don’t experience this performance drop at this level, and anyway, it’s just a too small devices set to be meaningful).

If you could report it on github with an export of the timeline data from the devtools (as explained here) it would be great.

Also, for those who may want to help improving minimap performances, I have a new branch that get rid of the gpu scaling (which seems to give some boost) and I’m still looking for other possible optimizations, you can try it and giving me your impressions/suggestions. BTW this is a WIP so I broke many things.


Yes, my coworker confirmed a slowdown. I also can use the ctrl-k-m command to open and close the minimap and get improved performance. So it is only when it is showing that the issue occurs, and I don’t have to fully disable the plugin to get it to go faster.

Will upload the timeline info to github shortly.