Tab length setting is not saved for language packages


My Atom version: 0.172.0.

I change tab length from 2 to 4 for language-javascript. I did this from setting of the language package. However, if I restart Atom, the setting is restored to the default value. I tested with language-javascript and language-ruby, and both packages do not seem to save my tab length setting. I also tested with my other computer with fresh Atom installation but no luck.

Does anybody see the same issue?


After you’ve changed it, does your config.cson reflect those changes? It should have this near the end:

    tabLength: 4


@olmokramer no, I don’t see the change in my config.cson. However, I remember that I see this in some slightly older version of Atom, but not now. Any idea how to debug more?


Hmm… I’m getting the same behavior now. Not good…


I manually changed my config.cson and add these but tab length for javascript doesn’t change.

    tabLength: 4
    tabLength: 4


Same here. If I manually add the configs back in to config.cson, they usually don’t appear to take effect, and they’re gone again within a minute or two. Would this be an issue to file with Atom core, or a package?


This would be an issue with Atom Core.


Thanks, @leedohm. Opened atom/atom#5095.


I just updated to 0.175.0 and confirmed that this bug was fixed. Thanks, Atom team!


Closing this as fixed. Thanks everyone!

closed #11