Tab length not respected?


Hey, I was using Atom for some schoolwork that mandates 2-space tabs. However, it seems that, even with soft-tabs on and tab length set to 2 in settings, hitting enter on a def... line (in python) or just hitting the tab key inserts a tab character, displayed at 4 characters.

The only community package I’m using is project-manager. I am using Arch Linux, and installed the package off the AUR using standard methods.


You need to set in the language-python package too.


Aha! Thanks, didn’t think of that.


Actually, wait, is there a way to set it on a per-file basis? In my free time I’d much prefer to default to 4-space tabs, but just for certain files can I force Atom to use a different tab length?


I believe the tab-control package can do this for you.