Tab key behavior


Coming from emacs, tab behavior throws me off a little. I see there is a command called “Editor: Auto Indent”. Is there any way to map this to ‘tab’ key? I couldn’t find a way to do this.

Emacs Flow Package

You can map the tab key to Auto Indent (which indents the whole document if nothing’s selected) using the keymap.cson file.

Please be aware that the extension doesn’t indent CoffeeScript properly.


Hmm, I wrote the keybinding in keymap.cson file, but it refuses to do it. Plus, I believe auto-indent command does the whole document, which is not what I meant; is there a way to auto-indent the current line?

my keymap.cson

‘tab’: ‘auto-indent:apply’


You can overwrite behaviour by searching for the key combination and seeing what pops up first. You’ll need a scope that supersedes the current binding. With current version 0.95, I’m seeing that you need to overwite:

  'tab': 'auto-indent:apply'