Tab indent to the last


Hi guys,

I have an issue with my tab behavior and I don’t know how I did it and where to find a topic on it for help

Just before I mess everything when I pressed tab it goes to the current last indent line… I don’t know how to give a good explanation but I will give you a screenshot and you will see what I’m talking about.

Current behavior
when I press tab the cursor goes one by one to the next indent

What I want
when I press tab the cursor goes to the last indent

Thank you!!


Try to check the Auto Indent setting in the settings-view Editor tab.


Thanks for the answer, it’s already checked and this options it’s only the auto indent when I insert a new line but what I want it’s when I delete line


Maybe it’s an old feature of atom because I downloaded atom on another computer and it has the same bahavior.

Maybe it’s a Emmet behavior


It’s working now, I restarted my atom :stuck_out_tongue: