Tab does not often auto-complete, auto closes the word as a tag


The tab key does not always auto-complete correctly, in this case when in react. Instead of auto-complete it just auto-closes the word I was writing as a html tag, enter auto-completes but I’m used to tabs. Am very new to atom.

It’s not just ‘return’, there are more, many code snippents too.


Do you have the Emmet package installed? We’ve heard lots of reports of things like this where Emmet hijacks Tab.


Yes I have Emmet installed, is there any way forward?


You can file an Issue on the Emmet repository:

There may be configurations or workarounds. Have you checked the package README?


Thanks, but I researched a bit and this solved it.

I was approaching it at a different angle, Thanks a lot


i have tried your way also but still its not working properly.


please help


Please open the Keybinding Resolver (ctrl-.) and take a screenshot of what happens when you get a bad result.