Tab disappears when deleting file


When I have a file open and delete the file from the disk the tab disappears. This might make sense when the editor is disk-based but atom is buffer-based. All other editors I’ve used pop up a dialog asking if you want to keep the buffer. I know Atom is capable of keeping the buffer because it does when you edit a new untitled buffer.

This has caused me headaches because this behavior is sometimes part of my workflow by habit.


How are you deleting the file? When I delete the file using the Tree View the tab stays open. (Of course, this might be a Windows/OS X difference.)


It disappears no matter how I delete it. Do external edits to files show up immediately in your text?


I do know that when I check out a new branch in Git, the new contents show up immediately. Other edits to files, I’m not sure … I don’t do that very often.


Git might be special since Atom is closely knit with git. If you get a second can you see if external edits are reflected? No rush.