Tab Completion for Faster Coding!


I can’t live without tab completion! In sublime you can do: [element]+tab and it will create the markup for you. You can also add a class by using a “.” so for example an h1 tag is made like this: h1.header+tab = <h1 class="header"></h1>

Is it possible to add a feature like this to Atom or is it already built in?


Definitely need this one, having to press ctrl + space to get auto completion up is terrible and unproductive!


Try this package.


That’s definitely a useful package but it doesn’t do the result I am looking for. Thanks for the input!


I’d say snippets. Won’t get you the whole way, but a decent snippets package for html could get you on your way at least.

Or just use haml, ditch the need to complete h1.header, you’re already done. :smiley:


I think Emmet package is what you’re looking for


Emmet definitely does stuff like that. I use it for stylesheets all the time:

bgc + TAB >> background-color: |;

VERY useful.


Thanks everyone, Emmet is what I was looking for and more! Ready to make the jump over to Atom now…


Awesome. Here’s another nugget:

ml5 + TAB >> margin-left: 5px;

I can’t do without it :smiley: