Tab acting like alt-backspace


Sooooo…I have been using atom for a while now on multiple computers and have recently run into an issue that I am not sure what the source is. I use to develop html, etc. However, recently when I hit tab, rather than expanding the text, the key press behaves like alt-backspace and deletes to the beginning of the last word. I can’t find anyting in my keybindings to indicate that this should be expected behavior and I have nothing in my keymap.cson file either. This is incredibly frustrating as I find the productivity enhancement that provides in my html development almost necessary.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Matt


There’s actually a FAQ about Emmet for causing problems like this:

There are links in there to resources that may be of assistance.


Thanks. It looks like this is an issue that someone else reported on the github page of emmet.

Sigh…now what? Is there a tool similar to emmet that does work?


selector-to-tag does something similar, but it’s very basic.