System audio volume maximises on launch


Hi folks,

I’m finding that whenever I launch Atom the audio volume on my system jumps to 100% the moment the window appears. This is very surprising if I’m listening to music when it happens.

I’m running Arch Linux with Cinnamon Desktop. It always happens when I launch Atom from my desktop menu and every time I open a new window after that (Ctrl + Shift + N or from the File menu). If I open atom from the command line, I can’t replicate the issue (with or without --safe). I disabled all my packages and it still happens.

Any ideas? Is this a bug I should report on github even though I can’t replicate it in safe mode?



What happens if you open safe mode from the Command Palette? Use ctrl-shift-p and type “safe” to find the command application:open-safe. Run it and pick a file or folder that isn’t already open in Atom.


Thanks, I didn’t know you could open safe from the command palette. It still happens when I do this.

But if the original window was opened from the command line, it doesn’t change the volume either time.


So I tried launching from the path from my atom.desktop entry: /usr/lib/atom/atom and I can replicate the issue, and it still happens in safe mode (via --safe and via the command palette as suggested).


If the .desktop file is the common denominator, you could replace atom.desktop with a shell script that opens Atom and change its icon to match Atom’s. That might allow you to end-run around the bug.