Syntaxes colouring


I have used atom for python a while now, and resonantly the colour format for highlighting key word changes. I Think it was at the same time I updated to use Python3 instead of 2, if that have anything to do with it.

Dose anyone know how to change back? I can’t get #TODO to highlight. And the variabel is coloured instead of the self. in classes. The print statement is not purple, but is now blue like a function. I have tried to change them, but don’t work. Although the “read me” picture shows the correct highlighting

Does anyone know how to change back so;

  • Print i recognised as a purple keyword
  • self. is highlighted instead of the variable
  • Get colouring on# NB!, #TODO etc.

#support, #themes


Note syntax highlighting has nothing to do with your Python; it’s all an approximation using defined rules.

For the issue, this is caused by Tree-sitter. The issue is known, but a fix has not been prepared yet. For now, toggle Settings -> Core -> Use Tree Sitter Parsers. Disabling them will not take away much functionality currently, and will restore the TODO stuff.