Syntax theme is always reseting when system sleeps or turns off


I’m having an annoying problem.

Everytime I put my mac on sleep mode or turn it off, while atom is running, I got my syntax theme reset to a different one from the previously selected – so I need to set the syntax theme I used again. I really don’t know why this is happening.

Is anyone getting this problem too or is just me? Anyone have a clue about this?


I haven’t seen this issue and I sleep my Mac with Atom open all the time. Which version of Atom? Can you reproduce it with atom --safe?


My current version is 0.96. Apparently I can’t reproduce this issue with atom --safe.


Ok, so it would seem to be one of your packages that is causing the problem. Maybe we should create an apm bisect command :laughing:

I actually went ahead and opened an Issue for it on Atom Core: Atom bisect command. I figured that launching Atom with custom sets of packages wasn’t really apm’s job.


That’s great! I really think it would be useful to have a command like this. If the problem is caused by an installed package, it will not be the first time I have an issue related to a package.

Anyway, I’ll investigate the problem checking my installed packages. I come back when I get a solution.

Thanks for the support!