Syntax theme affecting UI background color. Why?


I’m pulling my hair out trying to find how to prevent syntax theme affecting UI background color. I’m totally happy with “One Dark” UI theme but want “One Light” syntax theme. However when I change from “One Dark” syntax to “One Light” syntax the UI tint changes from nice dark-bluish-grey to dirty-grey-something.

I had a look through One Light syntax theme stylesheets and spent quite some time googling around and can’t figure out where the UI tint color comes from. It is clearly syntax theme related as it changes with syntax theme.

Any ideas please? This is driving me nuts.



One of the features of the one-dark-ui theme is that it adapts to your syntax theme. What you’re experiencing as undesired and unaesthetic behavior was intended on the part of the designers, though I cannot say if your particular color combination was tested.


Thanks DamnedScholar! Any chance you know which exactly bit in one-dark-ui stylesheet is responsible for changing UI background based on Syntax color? I wonder if can overwrite it in my user stylesheet.


Right here.


Thanks DamnedScholar