Syntax Text Editor - Customize Theme


Hi guys, I am customizing a Syntax Theme in Atom. I want to customize tags color, so I change the next part of the base.less file and set color to DodgerBlu.

&.name.tag {
color: DodgerBlue;

However, this doesn’t change the tags sign s(<>, </>) only the name of the tag, for instance, in the case of

    it only change ul. How may I change the color of the signs.



The classes for the tag brackets are .punctuation.definition.tag.html (source). So you need to change your selector to either &.tag or &.punctuation.tag, &.name.tag.


Hi DamnedScholar,

Txs for your help I did it.

I added the class .punctuation.definition.tag.html
and I added only “&.punctuation.tag” (also works with “&.tag”)

color: @DodgerBlue;

If I use “&.punctuation.tag, &.name.tag” seems it
block the effect of the other class that change only
the tags color.

.entity {
&.name.tag {
color: @DodgerBlue;

In any case, thanks again.