Syntax highlighting not triggering


Hi all,

I am developing a package with syntax highlighting for a simple declarative language designed for modding a game called Dominions 5. The way I develop is to simply put a symlink to the relevant dir in the atom packages folder and reload when doing changes.

Now all this is working, except for an unexplained glitch. The package is designed for files with .dm extension and it seemingly works with all files, e.g. loading a file “” works fine and dandy. But when I load a file called “”, in the same folder as the previous file, nothing is highlighted. The language is correctly recognized as in the lower right corner it displays “Dominions” (the name I have given to the source language), the first few lines I inspected are all correct, etc. and yet everything is the same white color.

Does anybody have a clue of what could be going wrong? More details needed just ask.


Replying to myself as I cannot seem to edit the original post, but I may have found the answer. The file is 2.4Mb in size and there seems to be a hard limit on the buffer size. Will check to see if there is any way around this and report back and hopefully, close this issue down.


Atom does have limits in place to abort highlighting if it would lead to a situation where the program might stall or drag down the computer. Since it’s a text editor built as a web app, Atom is fairly resource-intensive by default and it additionally performs a lot of background work in order to be able to serve a rich experience to its user. Really large files or very long lines become problematic for performance, so safeguards were put in place to reduce the risk of Atom crashing because of that.