Syntax highlighting for R language

It would be great to have syntax highlighting for R language out of the box (I do not know if is possible to activate it right now)


I published a language-r package a while back.

i am looking for the same thing … @leedohm - how do i install your R language syntax highlighting package?

You can install packages by either:

  1. Installing from the Settings View
    1. Open Settings (Cmd+, on OS X and Ctrl+, on Windows/Linux I think)
    2. Click on the Packages tab in the upper left of the view
    3. Search for the package name in the search box
    4. Click the Install button for the package you wish to install
  2. Using the apm install command from the command-line
    1. Open the command line tool for your platform
    2. Type apm install [package name] and press ENTER
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apm install language-r is what you want :smiley:

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