Syntax highlighting for Groovy language [solved]



Is there a way to have syntax highlighting for Groovy language in Atom?




This package is probably what you want:


Thank you, it’s exactly what I was looking for!


My apologies, but I am relatively new to Atom. I installed this package, and see it as installed and active, but there is no syntax highlighting. Could someone please explain how to get this package to work?


I’m new to this app and I’m trying to learn how to use its functions better and gain some overall knowledge of bits uses.


Hello @edotf & @daedaesplayground .

After installing the package you should restart Atom.
Thereafter the syntax highlighting will be in effect, if…

  1. The file extension is any of the ones listed:
'fileTypes': [
  1. The grammar is selected as groovy (click and select)