Syntax highlighting different after reboot


After rebooting the system the syntax highlighting for python has changed. Anything before a period is colored the same (white previously) and method calls after a period are changed.

Before, the test.t would be white as well as the time.sleep. I’m using the One Dark syntax theme but I tried changing themes and the same result.

Any ideas what went wrong or how to fix it? Any help appreciated.

On OSX with Atom 1.25


Does it happen is safe mode? What other Python language packages do you have installed (e.g., it could be magicpython)? Or it could be caused by the new tree-sitter grammars.

Tell us the safe mode part first, and then try with the Core setting “use tree sitter parsers” disabled (if not already).


I didn’t know about safe mode but it’s giving the same

I checked in the core options and use tree sitter parsers was disabled.


From the Atom 1.25 announcement:

The Python and HTML language packages got some love in this release. When editing Python source, the tokenizer now supports function annotations, async functions, string formatting, f-strings, and binary strings.


I didn’t realize it was a new version of Atom. So the syntax highlighting for python was changed? Is there a way to go back to what it was?


Still not sure how to fix this. Is this normal with the update? I’m not using the the use tree sitter parsers option.


Yes, this is expected behavior. You can get back the previous behavior if you’d like by adding the following to your ~/.atom/styles.less file:

@import 'syntax-variables.less'

.syntax--python {
  &.syntax--variable, &.syntax--entity.syntax--name.syntax--function {
    color: @syntax-text-color;


This did fix it. Thank you, I appreciate the help.