Syntax highlight on Markdown Preview not working


Hello to everyone.

I’m starting this new topic because I have found a bug in my Atom installation, that has been reproduced even returning to previous versions.

I’m not able to see any syntax highlight when I preview a Markdown file.


I use the last one available on June 9th, 2014, the 0.101.0 one, on a Macbook Pro running Mavericks 10.9.3.
I’ve also asked a friend who uses the same MBP, and he’s using 0.93, but he’s able to see it highlighted.
Tried downloading the same release, but the bug still persists.


Any idea?


Syntax highlighting isn’t a part of Markdown actually.

There are extensions such as Github’s Markdown that do syntax highlighting.


Yes, I know that syntax highlight isn’t part of actual Markdown, but I’ve seen other Atom Markdown previews that show code blocks with syntax highlight, for example:


I’m using v0.101.0 and I see it just fine:

Are you using a non-default theme?


Thank you very much!

Apart from changing the syntax theme, I needed to reboot Atom in order for it to render the syntax highlight well…

Thanks for your help, this issue is solved

PS: Monokai base theme does not support syntax highlight on Markdown preview

PS2: It would be great providing support for markdown rendering css-themes on Atom future releases!