Syntax colors is wrong



Syntax colors is wrong

What makes you think so? Do you have examples of „correct" syntax colors?

You can use the Log Cursor Scope to output the scope of the syntax. I’ve opened a JavaScript file using the One Dark theme (which you appear to be using) and noted the following:

  • “yellow code” has the scope of .source.js .meta.class
  • “blue code” has the scope of .source.js
  • “red code” has the scope of .source.js

Note that the scopes are defined by the syntax grammar, while the colors are defined in the theme. Different grammars/themes will color code differently.

So again, what makes you think these are wrong colors?

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@idleberg Comparing to how it was before like on screenshot


Please provide some useful information, we don’t have access to your computer.

When was before? What has changed since then? Are you using the same theme? Have you tried toggling the new Tree Sitter parser?

Preferences > Core > Use Tree Sitter Parsers