Syntax broken in Windows?


Having trouble with html syntax themes in Windows. They look fine in Linux, but in Windows, on different computers, the styles are the same color of the content. I have the same issue on light and dark themes.

I think padding-top for example should be in the light green color for the one-light theme.


If you think this is a bug in the theme, you better report it here:


What it looks like to me is that everything inside style="" is being highlighted as CSS. If you took those same properties and put them inside <style>.celltype {}</style>, I believe that you would see the same coloration. And same in an actual CSS file.

Now, it doesn’t look like much, because your theme doesn’t color CSS properties. But take note of how, without any spaces, it’s immediately easy to pick out the values. That wouldn’t be possible if they were all colored the same green as class="celltype".


Here is what the same theme looks like in Linux:


Do they have different language packages active? Grammar and highlighting behavior have no difference between platforms as far as I am aware.