Syncing pdf-view


I am new to atom and I am trying to use LaTeX on atom. I installed language-latex and pdf-view but whenever I jump to pdf an error message pops up saying

“Uncaught TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined”

How am I able to sync language-latex and pdf view? Thanks!


Please clarify what you mean by this. Describe your actions in exact detail.


My apologies, when I right click,“jump to PDF” is an option. I am just not sure how to sync the two


I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. language-latex is a syntax highlighting package and pdf-view allows you to view PDFs. There is no overlap between their functionality and thus nothing that could be synchronized. In order to convert a LaTeX file to a PDF, you would need a third package, like pandoc-convert.


I was meaning to say latextools not language-latex


latextools appears to support pdf-view. Considering the content of the error message, it looks to me like it’s a bug in the package, so you should ask about it at the package’s repo.