Syncing electron app settings to server application


Hey folks,

so here is what I wanna do:

  • electron app that can connect to server app, so it can sync it’s settings and so on.
  • user can login to server app and change settings, and it can be synced to electron app

One more thing: people with login with ie github and I will then check if they can use the service, but that’s not important right now.

Don’t really have any experience with auth, except simple user/pass on website, so I would love to hear ideas of more experienced people.

So what I am thinking to do:

  • create Ruby on rails web app, where user can register (let’s call it server app)
  • electron app will allow user to login to server app (via oath? ) and then via api send/receive settings and so

So that’s pretty much it. Not sure what other things I should consider, as I never really did anything like it.

Any input welcome ;]