Syncing Atom packages with git


Hey all,

I’m currently synchronising my configuration files (of several programs, such as Git, ZSH, Atom, VIM, etc) between computers using a personal Git repository. On the topic of Atom: currently I only sync my Atom configuration and keymap files. However, I would love to be able to sync my packages too.

One approach would be to simply add my entire ~/.atom to the git repo. However, that gets big really fast. So here comes my question: is there a way to save the list of packages, in such a way that Atom can install newly added ones and uninstall those that were removed from the list? That way I only have to add that list of packages to the Git repo.

It’s fine if I have to run an external command for this; I already have an in my Git repo that symlinks all the managed files into place.


You’re looking for package-sync.


Thanks, that’s indeed what I was looking for.


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