Synchronizing tasks with Electron - Fibers not working


Hey there electron people,

I would like to use the module Sync to synchronize async tasks and it depends on the Fibers module. Now, the problem is that electron requires the win32-x64-v8-4.3 binary on my system, but via npm install only a win32-x64-v8-4.2 binary is available.

  1. How can I fix this or how to compile the version on my own, if even possible?
    Even with the latest io.js (2.3.3) version installed, npm checks the installation with the 4.2 binary. Node.js (0.12.2+) check against the also included v8-3.28 binaries.
  2. Or is there another way to synchronize some tasks?
    I want to fill my dependency injection container with a initialized LokiJs database, for example. And the application should wait for the container initialization until it’s allowed to continue. I don’t want to use too many callback functions… the code should stay maintainable.

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You can try to install the module with APM. Make sure it’s in package.json's dependencies, and then run apm install from the directory containing package.json.


Thank you for your fast response!

After installing Atom, i tried my luck, but it tries to install the packages into the ~/.atom/packages directory instead of my node_modules folder. The bigger problem is, that it says Request for package information failed: Not Found for Sync or Fibers - So, I guess, that wont work. :confused:


Like I said, you’ll have to add the package to package.json of the project you’re working on. Then from the directory where that package.json is in, run apm install (so not apm install <package_name>, which will look for <package_name> on Atom’s package repository).


Ah… whoops thanks! Installed Sync (including Fibers) with APM, but there are also only the 4.2 binaries included afterwards. :neutral_face:

Was worth a try, thank you =)


Hmm… That’s too bad :frowning: I’m sorry, but I don’t know about compiling on your own


Found a solution :smile: